A Carol for the Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain

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The multi-talented Alastair Putt - tenor, composer, guitarist, engraver, transcriber, music editor and arranger to name but a few of his many gifts - tragically took his own life in August 2022. He was my trusted friend and colleague in the Choir of St Margaret's Westminster Abbey for many years. In all the time that I knew him, Alastair was a marvellous musician whose character was unfailingly kind, considerate and witty. It was my privilege to sing some of his fabulous choral works at St Margaret's Church, and he was always generous and positive with his appraisals of my music.

For Christmas 2023, I have written The Christ-Child Lullaby (SATB) and have dedicated this piece to Alastair, whom I will always remember fondly. In accordance with the wishes of Alastair's widow, the wonderful American pianist Anyssa Neumann, all proceeds from this carol shall go to The Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain.

Should you wish to schedule a performance of this work, do please let me know any details of the proposed concert or service. The piece is freely available to download, but in doing so please donate what you can to support the tremendous work of the RSM, "a charity run by musicians that provide vital financial assistance, advice and guidance to those professionally active in the world of music but who are unable to work due to accident, illness, stress or anxiety" (quote courtesy of www.rsmgb.org).

You may donate to the RSM via JustGiving by clicking here. Alternatively, cheques may be made payable to The Royal Society of Musicians, and sent to 26 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6BT.

The Christ-Child Lullaby

Lully, lullah, lullaby, my darling, lullaby, my love.

Sleep now, my darling, my Saviour, my boy.
Born in a stable, to our hearts bringing joy.
Wise men adore you. Three tributes they bring:
Gold, myrrh and incense, as they worship their King.

Holy, holy, holy, Ruler of All.
Lord God Almighty, yet a babe in a stall.

Sleep now, my darling. As nightfall takes hold,
Mother will hold you in the darkness and cold.
Oxen and donkeys and sheep now draw near.
Shepherds rejoicing, singing songs full of cheer.

Holy, holy, holy, Ruler of All.
Lord God Almighty, yet a babe in a stall.

Sleep now, my darling. The sun and the moon
Bow down before you, both at midnight and noon.
Hark how the angels proclaim from on high:
"Glory to Jesus". To the Christ-Child, they cry:

"Holy, holy, holy, Ruler of All.
Lord God Almighty, yet a babe in a stall."

Lully, lullay, lullaby, my love, lullaby, my darling, lullay, my love.

Text and music by Gareth Treseder (1985-)