Blessed Be That Maid Marie (Christmas with Sonoro CD)

Gareth Treseder's Blessed Be That Maid Marie - another gem! CD Review: Artistic Quality - 9
Sound Quality - 9

Blessed Be That Maid Marie (Christmas with Sonoro CD)

CD Review: 5 stars

BBC Music Magazine

Come, And Let Us Return To The Lord

(This) is a substantial anthem. One can tell that these vocal lines were written by a composer who is also a singer. This composition would be a strong addition to a church choir's Lenten repertoire.

Jeremy Jackman, Choir and Organ

Jesu, The Very Thought Of Thee

Especially enjoyable [was] Gareth Treseder's slightly (and wonderfully) bonkers "Jesu The Very Thought Of Thee" (featuring the composer in an enchanting solo)...

Organist's Review


Gareth Treseder’s three-minute wedding anthem Love is a beautifully atmospheric and quietly lush creation. The chord-cluster style is - by the composer’s own admission - a ‘sly’ homage to Eric Whitacre, but Treseder is being unjustly modest in saying so. There is a captivating integrity to Treseder’s short piece... It is a brave move to tackle this famous passage from Corinthians, but when it is done as sensitively and unfussily as this, then the endeavour is vindicated.

Jeremy Summerly, Choir & Organ

The Minstrels

The composer creates an effective vocal rendition of the "scraped chords" played by the minstrels, and conveys the jocular spirit of the text in a direct and attractive manner throughout.

Geoffrey Webber, Choir and Organ

On Yesternight I Saw A Sight

A brilliant two-minute gem of a piece which I suggest would be a highly attractive choice for a competent upper voice choir. With a vibrant folk dance feel, it all works extremely well. This is a piece I would not hesitate to recommend.

Joy Hill, Choir and Organ, Christmas Choral Reviews 2021

O Virgo Splendens

It's exquisite writing...enchanting.

Gerald Busby

O Virgo Splendens

Bravo. Such beautiful, sensitive writing...

Eric Whitacre

O Virgo Splendens

O Virgo Splendens, the text derived from medieval Spanish pilgrims, had a woozy, dreamy quality, with sumptuous harmonies redolent of Scriabin.
Benjamin Poore, 18th December 2020

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

(The work) benefits not only from a winning melody but also from inventive and interesting part writing.

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