O Virgo Splendens

Bravo. Such beautiful, sensitive writing...

Eric Whitacre

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

(The work) benefits not only from a winning melody but also from inventive and interesting part writing.

Music Web International; Recording of the Month


Gareth Treseder’s three-minute wedding anthem Love is a beautifully atmospheric and quietly lush creation. The chord-cluster style is - by the composer’s own admission - a ‘sly’ homage to Eric Whitacre, but Treseder is being unjustly modest in saying so. There is a captivating integrity to Treseder’s short piece... It is a brave move to tackle this famous passage from Corinthians, but when it is done as sensitively and unfussily as this, then the endeavour is vindicated.

Jeremy Summerly, Choir & Organ