All works are unpublished unless stated. For more information about any of the compositions, please contact Gareth.

Christmas Works

Work Author of Text Voicing Premiere
A Carol From Flanders
Frederick Niven (1878-1944) SATB
A Christmas Pudding
(1 min 30)
Anonymous SSA
A Song Was Heard at Christmas
Published by Boosey & Hawkes; 3 min
Timothy Dudley Smith (1926-) SATB 18/12/2009 Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, Gorseinon Youth Choir
Angelus ad Virginem
3 min 30
Anonymous/Medieval Carol Solo Oboe, Solo Clarinet, SSA, Organ, Strings 15/12/2015 Wimbledon High School Senior Choir
Bethle’m Baby
Boosey & Hawkes
Gareth Treseder (1985-) SATB 06/12/2009 St Paul’s Church, Swansea
Blessed be that Maid Marie
Published by Boosey & Hawkes; 2 min
Trad. text c. 15th Century SSATB 18/12/2012 Recorded by the BBC Singers; broadcast on BBC Radio 3
Christ’s Nativity
or Awake, Glad Heart, Get Up And Sing; 2 min 30
Henry Vaughan (1621-95) SAATBB TBC
Coventry Carol
Traditional SATB, SSAA, ATBarB, TTBB, SA and Piano
En Natus Est Emanuel, Dominus
Michael Praetorius SSA TBC
God from on high hath dwelt: A Hymn
2 min 30
Charles Coffin (1679 - 1749) SATB
Holy Night, Blessed Night
3 min
Gareth Treseder (1985-) SSAT (also available for SATB) 05/12/2015 Holy Trinity Sloane Square, Nonsuch Singers
Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?
William Blake (1757-1827) SATB The Antioch Ensemble and Collegium Musicum of London Chamber Choir; Church Of Our Most Holy Redeemer Exmouth Market, London; 10/07/2021
O magnum mysterium
4 min
Anonymous SSATTB 09/12/2007 St Paul’s Church, Swansea; 23/12/2014 Radio Lancashire Broadcast by Blackburn Cathedral Choir
On Christmas Day in the Morning
Michael Perry (1942-1996) SA/Men RSCM Carols for Sopranos, Altos and Lower Voices; available to peruse through the online Flipbook via the link below (p191, thumbnail 199)
On Yesternight I Saw A Sight
2 min 30
Rt. Rev. C. W. Stubbs (1845-1912) SSAA 13/12/2018 Farnham Youth Choir, Farnham Maltings Bridge Square, Farnham, England, GU9 7QR
Sleeping Babe in a Bethle’m Stall
2 min 30
Gareth Treseder (1985-) SATB
Suo Gân
4 min
Robert Bryan (1858-1920) Soprano Solo/SATB St Bride's Fleet Street, London 17/12/2016
The sleep of the infant Jesus, or Le sommeil de l'Enfant Jesu
Written in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support; 2 min
François-Auguste Gevaert (1828-1908); trans by Gareth Treseder (1985-) SATB; SSA; AATB; ATTB; TTBB; Unison Voices with accomp
The Snow Lay On The Ground
2 min 30
Traditional SSA/Cello or Flugelhorn Obbligato/Organ or Piano 17/12/2014 Wimbledon High School Choir “Acapella”
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
Published by Boosey & Hawkes; 3 min 30
Traditional SATB 22/12/2014 Gorseinon Youth Choir, Penuel Chapel, Loughor, Swansea; 04/01/2015 St Margaret’s Church Westminster Abbey (liturgical premiere)
Twas in a Bethlehem Manger
3 min 30
Gareth Treseder (1985-) SSATB
What Child Is This?
3 min
W Chatterton Dix (1837-1898) SATBarB 13/12/2015 St Margaret’s Church Westminster Abbey

Short Sacred Works

Work Author of Text Voicing Premiere
And I Saw a New Heaven
Published by Boosey & Hawkes; 3 min
Revelations 21: 1-5 SSAATTBB 29/11/2015 St James' Old Cathedral, Australia 15/05/2016 UK Premiere: English Choral Experience Camerata in St Cross, Winchester
Ave Maria
2 min
Traditional SSS or SSA 16/10/2011 St Michael’s Cornhill
Ave Verum
1 min
Pope Innocent VI (1282/1295-1362) SSA or TTB, both in C major; ATB in E♭ major 07/08/2011 St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey
2 min
Song Of Solomon 1: 1-4 SSAA
Come, And Let Us Return To The Lord
Stainer & Bell
Hosea 6: v 1 - 6 SSAATTBB with Tenor Solo and Organ 10/03/2019 Temple Church, London
Exaudi Deus, orationem meam
2 min
The Vulgate: Psalm 95: 8 and Psalm 54: 2-3 SSATB
Expectans Expectavi
3 min
Charles H Sorley (1895-1915) SSAATTBB
Herzliebster Jesu, was hast du verbrochen
2 min 30
Johann Heerman (1585-1647) trans. Gareth Treseder (1985-) SATBarB 22/03/2015 Deutscher Chor London, Hampton Court Palace
Holy God, We Show Forth Here
2 min
Percy Dearmer (1867-1936) SATB + Organ or Piano 15/06/2014 St James’ Old Cathedral, Australia
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
2 min 30
Psalm 121 SSAATTBB
Jesu, The Very Thought Of Thee
3 min
Bernard of Clairvaux, C12 trans. Edward Caswall (1814-1878) SATB 18/11/2012 All Saints’ Church, Margaret Street
Like as the Hart
2 min
Psalm 42: 1-3 SSAATB
Published by Boosey & Hawkes; 3 min
1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 & 13 Sop Solo/SSAATB 12/08/2010 St John’s Church, Callwen
Never Weather Beaten Sail
Published by Boosey & Hawkes; 2 min
Thomas Campion (1567-1620) SATB 23/06/2012 St Alban’s Church, Westbury Park, Bristol; 30/11/2014 Redland Green Community Chorus, St Paul’s Parish Church, K Street, Washington
O gladdening light
2 min 30
Phos Hilaron (late C3/early C4) SATB + Organ 06/07/2013 St Alban’s Church, Westbury Park, Bristol, Redland Green Community Chorus
O Lord, The House Of My Soul Is Narrow
2 min
St Augustine of Hippo (AD354-430) SATB 06/03/2016 St Michael’s Cornhill Choir
O merciful God
2 min
The Book of Common Prayer AATB 08/09/2013 St James’ Old Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia
O Thou Who Camest From Above
Charles Wesley SATB/Organ Melody by Samuel Sebastian Wesley To be premiered by the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy Choir; Date TBC
O Virgo Splendens
4 min
Llibre Vermell de Montserrat SSAATTBB Premiered and recorded by the Exon Singers for their CD "Before The Ending Of The Day", released on the Rubicon label
O what their joy
Peter Abelard, C12; trans J M Neale (1818 - 1866) SSAATTBB
Rejoice, O Land, in God thy might
inc. material by Virgil Oliver Stamps (1892-1940); 2 min 30
Robert Bridges (1844-1930) SATB Date TBC St Paul’s Parish Church, K Street, Washington
Salve Regina
3 min
Anonymous SATB Date TBC St Helena’s Cathedral, Montana
Shine Upon Our Minds, O Lord
1 min
Percy Dearmer (1867 - 1936) SSA
Sing to the Lord Glad Hymns Of Praise
2 min 30
R.S. Hawker (1804-75) SATB 22/05/2016 St Margaret's Westminster Abbey, for my daughter Rosie's baptism
Sweet Spirit, Comfort Me
2 min 30
Robert Herrick (1591-1674) SATB 22/06/2013 Wigmore Hall, London, Berkshire Youth Choir; 20/06/2014 Gloucester Cathedral Choir (liturgical premiere)
The Lord’s My Shepherd
2 min 30
Francis Rowe (1650) SSATBarB 15/10/2011 Margam Abbey, Swansea, The Ariosa Singers; 10/11/2013 St James’ Old Cathedral, Australia (liturgical premiere)
The Lord’s Prayer
2 min 30
Book of Common Prayer Ten Solo/TTBB
The Strife is O’er
2 min
Anonymous, c. C12; trans. Francis Potts (1832 - 1909) ATTB 23/03/2008 Bristol Cathedral Choir
Von guten Mächten
4 min
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) SATB 19/05/2013 St Alban’s Cathedral, Deutscher Chor London
Wo mên zai tiên shang de fu/Our Lord God and Father In Heaven
2 min 30
The Lord’s Prayer (Mandarin) SATB
Ye Sons and Daughters of the King
2 min 30
Latin, Jean Tisserand, d.1419 Trans. J. M. Neale (1818-66) SSATB 18/04/2015 Salisbury Cathedral, the Nonsuch Singers

Large and/or Secular Works

Work Author of Text Voicing Premiere
A Mass For Trebles
SS/Organ Temple Church London, TBC
Ein Feste Burg or A Safe Stronghold
Co-commission with Lars Schwarze; 10 min
Martin Luther (1483-1546) trans. Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) Trebles/Baritone Solo/Organ 11/11/2014 Temple Church Choir
In Flanders Fields: A War Cantata
27 min
"The Rouse"
"On Receiving News Of The War"; Isaac Rosenberg (1890-1918)
"In Flanders Fields"; John McCrae (1872-1918)
"Rain"; Edward Thomas (1878-1917)
"Evening in England"; Lance Corporal Francis Ledwidge (1887-1917)
"Gethsemane"; Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919)
"As Bronze May Be Much Beautified" (The Last Post); Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)
"Soldier From The Wars Returning"; A.E. Housman (1859-1936)
SATB/Baritone Solo/Organ 18/03/2017 commissioned and premiered by Eltham Choral Society 11/11/2018 US Premiere given by Harvard University Choir; broadcast on WHRB radio
Mass in D♭
15 mins
Traditional ST Solo/SSAATTBB 04/11/2006 University of Bristol Church Choir, St Paul’s Church, Bristol
Mass in G
Winner of the CASSOC Composition Competition 2005; 10 min
Traditional SATB 08/05/2005 Clifton Cathedral
Nothing Will Die
Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) SATB
Requiem in d
25 mins
Traditional SATB Solo/SSAATTBB 28/01/2006 University of Bristol Church Choir, St Paul’s Church, Bristol
Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge
melody by W. A. Mozart (1756-91); 3 min 30
Christian Adolf Overbeck (1755-1821) Sop and Ten Solo/SATB October 2015 Recorded by Deutscher Chor London
The Beautiful Mother
12 mins
Anonymous trans. Hans van der Velden (1937-2005) SSAATTBB
The Beautiful Poetry of Wales Volume One
12 mins
Rev Evan Evans (1795-1855)
Rev John Blackwell (1797-1840)
Rev Daniel Evans (1792-1846)
Felicia Dorothy Hemans (1793-1835)
SSATB 10/07/2016 Swansea Bach Choir, All Saints Church, Oystermouth, Swansea Gower Festival
The Minstrels
2 min
William Wordsworth (1770-1850) SATTB Wednesday 21st December 2016; BBC Singers commission, premiered at St Paul's Knightsbridge, London
The Sea and the Skylark
1 min 30
Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–89) SATB
These Strangers In A Foreign World (Hine ma tov)
2 min 30
Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) Children's Choir/SATB 21/09/2018 Selected to be performed by the BBC Singers, conducted by James Morgan, in a concert presented by BASCA and the BBC Singers entitled “The Refugee Experience”; St Paul's Church Knightsbridge; broadcast on BBC Radio 3